Lost in Translation: Foreign Music That Spread Worldwide

The Interaction Between Foreign Musicians And American Bands
American and British musicians have always strived to explore new sounds. In this light, groups like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones have introduced millions of people to Indian, Chinese, Irish and Scottish music. This was something that brought foreign music into the mainstream through word-of-mouth. Nevertheless, it was not until the Internet boom that the international music scene exploded. In the early 2000s, club music, rap, soul and rock were emerging from many obscure regions around the world, thanks to the Internet.

What The Sixties Did For International Music
The two most important moments for international music were in the 1960s and early 2000s. On the one hand, the '60s were about mixing traditional Middle Eastern and spiritual sounds with psych and rock and roll. In this sense, musicians like Ravi Shankar and Ananda Shankar became immensely popular during the 1960s. However, on the other hand, in the early 2000s, the Internet exposed millions of users around the world to new and obscure music. For instance, musicians were getting turned on to sounds that were otherwise unknown. In this light, music from Japan, Taiwan and Budapest were surfacing on the Internet.

Interesting Use of Music in the Movies

Interesting Use of Music in the Movies

How Sound Plays A Leading Role In The Movies
Sound is a major contribution to filmmaking. Furthermore, interesting music is crucial in order to push the movie forward. In addition, the placement, editing and selection of music in a film are immensely important. One can easily trace the importance of music in Noah Baumbach's latest film, Frances Ha. For example, the placement of key tracks within calculated moments of the film enhance the drama and plot. This is one of the most essential features of music placement. The idea is to utilize a soundtrack in order to flesh out the film. By this, I mean a director's role is to find music that amplifies the action or emotions on the screen. In this way, music plays a subliminal part in the reactions, moods and emotions of the viewers in the movie theater.

The Reason Why Cinema Needs Interesting Music
Many popular artists are being featured in the soundtracks of contemporary films. For instance, in the Great Gatsby new artists like Lana Del Ray, Jay Z, U2, Bryan Ferry and Craig Armstrong all have important auditory roles in the film.

The Role of Social Networking in Modern Music

As a musician, you are probably always looking for ways to share your music with the rest of the world, regardless of if you perform solo or have an entire band backing you up. Even if you aren't a musician yourself, you might love to share the tunes that have been created by your friends or your favorite bands.

Although there are certainly a lot of different ways that you can go about sharing music, you can't really argue with the fact that social networking has made a major difference in how people share these songs.You can find a quick rundown here If you aren't already using social networking sites as a means of promoting music, you should consider doing so as soon as possible if you really want to share your favorite songs or the songs that you and your band have created with a lot of people.

First of all, social networking sites offer a wide variety of ways to share this music. Along with sharing links to download sites, you can post video clips and more; this makes it easy to share the music. You can also post plenty of pictures and information about the song and band or musician in question.

Social networking sites are also a great place to share music because it is so easy to get into contact with a lot of people who love music just as much as you do.

Discovering New Artists With Internet Radio

Are you tired of hearing the same old music time and time again? You might very well be which is why it might be a smart move to look towards finding something new. How can you discover new music if you listen to the same sources? You won't which is why it is so strongly recommended that you check out internet radio as it is loaded with many excellent and talented musicians. You might not find these artists anywhere else so consider that the prime reason why it would be a great idea to listen to internet radio.The full explanation can be found at http://www.howtogeek.com/120163/the-best-websites-for-listening-to-internet-radio-and-downloading-and-streaming-free-music/

One thing you have to be mindful of when it comes to the discussion of internet radio is that the internet is global. Since there are so many different music markets providing product through internet radio you will gain access to a huge and diverse selection of talent.

It is also very easy for artists to present their material on internet radio. On internet radio, it is easier for a new band or artist to be featured on the radio. In fact, the internet may be the only place you will discover them. With that in mind, you may wish to given internet radio a listen to.

Five Artists Who Crossed the Genre Threshold

The music of our generation is typically divided rather stringently into diverse genres. Recently these rules have played the role of "the code" for the Pirates of the Caribbean in that they are really "more like guidelines." This trend is perhaps most evident in the work of the popular country artist Taylor Swift. Here is a list of five artists who have bridged the gap of genre.

Taylor Swift's melodic sweetheart tones are so popular that her songs are often retooled to handle more electric guitar sounds that would make them popular in pop music crowds.

Adele's music has also risen in popularity to the point that she can move between several genres. Her work has even begun to have a place in the emo ranks alongside artists like Dashboard Confessional and Secondhand Serenade.

Darius Rucker's solo project in the country genre has shown that he has the ability to gain popularity in the rock and country worlds.

The popular Christian band Switchfoot has played many songs that gained popularity in both the Christian and the Rock crowds.

Finally, the All American Rejects have always been a band that seems to blur the line between emo and pop music.

How Sampling Can Breathe Life Into Old Songs

Sampling is a classic case of something old becoming new again. No matter what genre, the artist, the song, sampling will breathe new life into that old song.

People tend to hate their parents' music. It seems like it's something coded into children when they're born. If your parents will dance to it, hate it! But when a popular artist uses a sample in a new song, a few different things can happen that cause the younger generation to take a sudden interest in older songs.

Radio and club DJ's often will play the old song before or after the new one or alternate the verses of the two different songs when they play it. Another thing that happens is you hear a parent or older person playing the original or talking about the older one. Now all of a sudden, the newer generation takes an interest in who sings the original and what other songs they sing.

Sampling doesn't just cause younger generations to become interested in older music. It stirs up those feelings of nostalgia in the fans of the original. It makes them want to hear those old songs and sing along and dance to them like they used to. They dust off the old records, pop in the cassette tape, or even buy the CD.

Sampling can breathe new life into old songs in a variety of ways. It can also help bridge a gap between the generations and reminds us that while times have changed, music will forever be enjoyable and invoke the same types of feelings in people. And as much as times have changed, music is really very much the same.

Discovering Indie Songs From Any Genre

Do you enjoy independent music but don't know what artists are popular or trending? This brief article is designed to help you.

First you need to identify your favorite style of music, then you need to listen to the artists that are most popular in that genre of music, and finally search the web and by word of mouth for independent recording labels and top artists from those labels.

Some of the best ways to stay informed online are:

Web Music Forums
Internet Music Databases
Top Entertainment Websites
E-zines for music
Artist Websites

When searching the web and talking to other people in person about popular independent music please be sure to include the artist name and the song name as well. This will help to ensure that there isn't any confusion.

Some examples and personal favorites from the three most popular genres include:


Nine Inch Nails - "Only"
Blonde Summer - "Slow Days, Fast Company"
Buttonhead - "Champion Bread"
Wildlife Control - "Analog or Digital"

Rap and Hip Hop

DraMatik - "Like This"
Adrian Lau - "No Worries"
Angels - "Ride or Die"


Katie Thompson - "Impossible"
The Whipps - "Honestly"
Jadi Norris - "Home is where the heart is"
California Cowboys - "Let go of my heart"

Generation Gap: Music the Whole Family Can Enjoy

Today families are still arguing about what music to put on the radio in the car. This argument is not new, however today it may be a little easier to find something to please everyone. Now I know everyone is not a fan of country music, DirectTelevisionPackages, but today's country music has been made to be different. Artists are mixing country music with pop, rock, and genes. This helps to please a wide audience. Country is also more family friendly, based on everyday life, it is realistic, which can be refreshing in today's music. One country star has manged to win the hearts of most who have listened to her music, Taylor Swift. Her music can be heard on just about any radio station and while it is directed at teenagers almost anyone can relate to her music. She has risen to the top quickly and stayed there. However all the fame and fortune has not changed her. In the entertainment industry today it is sad to see what it has done to some young artists. However Taylor Swift has manged to stay humble and be a role model. And her music continues to be popular with almost any age group. Want to know more? Go ahead: I'm inspired by Taylor Swift. Deal with it.
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